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Kinder Morgan Foundation

Through the generosity of the Kinder Morgan Foundation in 2016, Young Audiences Charter School has acquired science lab and safety equipment. The “Kinder Morgan Mobile Science Lab” contains 30 items essential for in-depth science lessons including: beakers, barometers, microscopes, magnets, hot plates, and electricity kits. Creative Learners Grades 3 through 6 will have access to the mobile lab to enhance their understanding of measurement, chemical reactions, forms of matter, meteorology, microbiology and physics.
YACS’s music production students have new recording equipment thanks to the Kinder Morgan Foundation. A 2018 grant allowed for the purchase of instruments and microphones for students to explore and gain understanding of musical concepts and performance practices both during and afterschool.
About the Kinder Morgan Foundation
The Kinder Morgan Foundation believes that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, and our mission is to provide them with opportunities to learn and grow. Our goal is to help today's science, math and music students become the engineers, educators and musicians who will support our diverse communities for many years to come. To accomplish this goal, we fund programs that promote the academic and artistic interests of young people in the many cities and towns across North America where Kinder Morgan operates. The Kinder Morgan Foundation donates more than $1 million every year to youth programs.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation 2018-19 Community Partnership Grant

Young Audiences Charter School recognizes the support of The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation’s Community Partnership grant program. Grant funds support YACS Band Director Matt Bruzzi in his leadership of the over 85 2nd through 8th grade students participating in the afterschool band program. The performance repertoire includes the Classical, Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop genres, providing band members a broad range of cultural and historical context as they practice the technical aspects of reading and playing music. The band performs regularly throughout the school year, both for in-school performances and public events including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Mardi Gras parades.
About The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation
The Jazz & Heritage Foundation is the nonprofit that owns the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival presented by Shell. The Foundation uses the proceeds from Jazz Fest - and other raised funds - for year-round programs in education, economic development and cultural enrichment. For more information, please visit

Pro Bono Publico

A generous 2018 grant from the Pro Bono Publico Foundation allowed YACS to purchase the Being a Writer curriculum and professional development package, enabling teachers grades K – 6th to intentionally and effectively teach the analytical, persuasive, and creative writing skills critical to success in school and, ultimately, in the 21stCentury workforce. Under the program, all writing exercises are founded in comprehension and response to literary, informative, or persuasive original texts. Writing assignments are both individual and collaborative, and are employed not only English/Language Arts lessons, but also across the core competencies of science, social studies, mathematics, and the arts.
A generous 2019 grant from the Pro Bono Publico Foundation provided science lab equipment and curriculum kits to ensure that YACS middle school educators have the tools necessary to teach the new Louisiana Science Standards effectively and creatively. The new science standards require learners to “do science,” learn science facts, and connect science to other subject. This cross-curricula method of learning aligns perfectly with YACS’s arts-integrated model, providing exciting opportunities for STE[A]M learning.
About the Pro Bono Publico Foundation
The Pro Bono Publico Foundation was organized by Rex members returning to New Orleans after levees failed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, flooding the city. The Foundation’s annual grants have helped support the reformation of New Orleans failed public school system through awards to schools successfully educating our children and the organizations supporting that success.